Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. Is too late?

A.  By no means!   Couples typically wait to come to therapy years after problems have arisen and patterns become established. EFT has been shown to reduce distress in the most challenged relationships provided both partners are committed to the process of time and work.

Q.  What does therapy cost?

A.  Therapy is an investment in your relationship and your life together.   Many insurance plans (extended health benefits and EAP – Employee Assistance Plans – provide funds for therapy if offered by a therapist with an MSW qualification. Therapy fees similarly qualify to be submitted as a medical expense on your tax return.  Although it is preferable to start with weekly sessions then move to bi-weekly sessions, if you are committed to working on the reading materials and dialogues between sessions, the maximum benefit can be obtained by fewer sessions. This also eventually lessens dependency on the therapist.  If your relationship is basically healthy, you might consider a Couples Retreat, which is a relationship enhancement experience and an economical alternative.

Q.  Are there steps we can take outside of therapy?

A. Yes, there are many self-help resources available for you to use as a couple that can be helpful also as a supplement to therapy.

Q. What is important in a therapist?

A. It is essential that both partners experience a sense of connection with the therapist and that both feel a sense of hope in his/her ability to help. Ensure that your therapist has the background training and experience in a well researched approach to couple work. The therapeutic relationship is a primary contributing factor to success in therapy.

Q. How many sessions will we need?

A. It depends on the health of the relationship at the onset of therapy, how willing and able you are to do supplemental work between sessions, how deep one or both partners is feeling hurt and whether there has been attachment trauma (infidelity, a sense of abandonment during vulnerable times such as childbirth, a death, etc.).