Couple Weekend Intensive/Marriage Counselling Intensive

Q. Who would need an Intensive Couples weekend vs. a Hold Me Tight Retreat or regular couple counselling sessions?

. If your marriage is in serious crisis (ie. danger of impending separation or a recently disclosed affair) and you BOTH want to seek immediate help.
A2. If you have scheduling constraints that make the continuity of weekly/biweekly counselling difficult.
A3If you live out of town and want to use an intensive weekend to focus on your relationship. An Intensive Couples weekend is treatment/therapy. A Hold Me Tight Couples Retreat, on the other hand, is psycho-educational, like a workshop for your relationship. It will ultimately benefit you in a therapeutic way, of course! Nevertheless, it is “guided self-help” in alternating group/couple experiences.

Q. We are already seeing a Counsellor.  Can we still attend a Couples Intensive weekend?

DespairAIf you are working with a therapist trained in Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy, it will no doubt augment the benefit of your therapy. If your therapist is not trained in or using the EFT model of couple therapy, he or she may speak with Fresh Beginnings therapist Mary Luard in consultation, with your permission, regarding your progress and how it may benefit you ongoing.

Q. What is the fee for a Couples Intensive? How is the Couples Intensive booked?

A. Please contact Fresh Beginnings to discuss your needs and availability of concentrated one-on-two intensive scheduling for both of you and me. Fees depend on how much time we agree upon reserving. Each relationship is different.

Q. Will my extended health benefit cover the cost of a Couples Intensive?

A. Yes, to the maximum provided for in your plan. A Couples Intensive is marriage/couple’s counselling and qualifies as treatment under extended health care plans.

Q. When would a Couples Intensive not be recommended?

A. The Couples Intensive is contraindicated in the following circumstances:

  • Domestic violence
  • Active substance abuse with no plan for treatment/recovery
  • Active infidelity by either partner
  • One partner wishing an “open” relationship
  • One partner has already “left” emotionally. We can’t work with fostering attachment and emotional intimacy in this circumstance.

Q. Is there a screening process to determine if a Couples Intensive is suitable for us?

A. Yes, it is a significant commitment of time and resources for you as a couple and for me at Fresh Beginnings. This will involved some telephone and written input.  Please contact for details.

Q. How is the Couples Intensive structured?

Successful TherapyA. There will be structured time with both partners separately, time together, DVD presentations, reading, focused couple sessions, alternating with rest and private time for the relationship. Again, the length of time and use of the time is individualized to your relationship situation.

Q. Is there follow-up after an Intensive?

A. To consolidate the gains made in the Intensive Counselling experience, some follow-up appropriate for your couple needs would be arranged either with Fresh Beginnings (via Skype if you are at a distance) or in counselling sessions or with a therapist in your area.

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1 thought on “Couple Weekend Intensive/Marriage Counselling Intensive

  1. We are interested in attending one of the Hold me tight weekends. Could you send me locations, cost and dates of upcoming retreats? Thank you.

    Natasha and Aaron

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